How to Include Stock Symbols in Press Releases

If your stock symbol and company name are not properly formatted within your press release, your release may not be included by important financial news sites. Please note: the information in this article only pertains to press releases about publicly held companies.

Here is how the company name and symbol needs to be formatted within your press release:

NYSE Stocks:
Company Name (NYSE:SYMBOL)

NASDAQ Stocks:
Company Name (NASDAQ:SYMBOL)

OTC Stocks:
Company Name (OTCBB:SYMBOL)

Pink Sheet Stocks:
Company Name (Pink:SYMBOL)

Important Details:

   1. The company name must be exactly the same as what Google Finance has.
   2. The company name must come immediately before the symbol, as our example shows.
   3. The company name and symbol must be close the beginning of the first paragraph.
   4. There should be no hyperlinks in the first paragraph

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