J.S. Bell Announces Release of New Book Series ‘TheNicoles’ Themed on Mental Disabilities and Psychological Trauma

J.S. Bell is ecstatic to announce the release of her new book series entitled ‘The Nicoles’ themed on mental disabilities and psychological trauma. The author presents a daring story of a child crippled with mental disability and trauma after witnessing a horrible scene happen to her mother right before her eyes.

The series is a two-part book that centers on the events surrounding, Mecca, one of twin sisters whose mother was raped and killed in a mental institution. This story is easily relatable with many stories and news of similar incidents happening in the world. One similar account as reported by BBC is an article claiming a hospital in Guatemala being the ‘most dangerous hospital’ in the world.

This particular hospital in Guatemala was named the most dangerous hospital in the world after BBC news reported the atrocious conditions that patients experience in the hospital. As revealed in BBC news article and as former patients claimed, they were sexually abused while heavily sedated. Patients were not treated as they should have been and it was more like concentration camp than hospital as they said.

‘The Nicoles’ story begins with the twin’s mother being admitted to a mental institution for suffering from multiple personality disorder. But instead of helping her recover, she was raped and killed inside the mental institution. After the twin’s mother died, their father soon became ill and died as well. Now that they were orphans, the twins have no choice but to go into group homes.

There are twists and turns that readers won’t expect. In search of finding the truth of her mother’s death and the people turning up dead, Mecca will come into terms about the people closest to her whom might not be what she thought they are, who Bella really is and what she really wants to be.  ‘The Nicoles’ will be released soon and readers will be able to read a new, haunting story that will leave a mark in their mind about the horrors that can happen inside a mental institution.


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