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Author Calls for More Support for African American Authors 484
Edward Hernandez, Premier DUI Attorney, Advanced Level Training on How to Beat a Radar Enforced DUI/Traffic Stop 437
Always Be in Integrity! New Bestseller is How-To Guide to Breaking Habitual Actions! 457
Meet the David Who Slew the Goliath IRS 576
Kids Yoga Stories Announces New Feelings Yoga Book: The Grateful Giraffe 488
New Release Encourages Children to Use Their Imaginations 490
“Running to Heaven: The Story of Marie Bilodeau” by Ryan Bilodeau Hits Bookstores 491
A sleepy little town in Louisiana is rocked by murder, hate crimes, and the paranormal. Outskirts Press Announces the Release of New Fiction: Emiley: In the End, Who Is Innocent? by David Martin, Sr. 476
Sela Blue: An Inspiring Picture Book for Children launches Kickstarter Campaign 464
New Release Encourages Faith in Difficult Situations 482
New Release Highlights the Fun and Mishaps of Outdoor Life 436
Robert E Flynn’s The Touch - A Supernatural Story - Part I is Now Available 451
America’s Self-Esteem Enhancement Coach Kimesha Coleman Nominated For 2017 Indie Author Legacy Award 586
Lyman A. Montgomery Announces the Launch and Release of His New Book 598
Improve Your Sales Performance with Jack Daly and Jeff Shavitz on Sales Success AHAs, 140 AHAmessages to Grow Your Sales 607
Want to Transition Successfully Into a Senior Leadership Role? Read "Unite!: The 4 Mindset Shifts for Senior Leaders" by Sal Silvester 636
New Book Serves Up Strategies for Supersizing Tips to Servers Facing Stagnant Wages (Without Having to Wait for an Act of Congress) 560
New Book Empowers Parents Navigating the Complexities of Children with Special Education Needs in England’s Educational System 564
Businesswoman Shares Strategies on Waiting for “Mr. Right” 574
Donna Hall, Mother of Super Model Bridget Hall, Makes Her Debut as an Author with 'Adventures with Andy & Susie' 595
Eclectic Author Incubator Launches New Publishing Imprint With World Class Literary Agency 609
Spy Glasses Launched On Amazon 524
“Products to People: The Mechanics of Marketing” by Ryan Bilodeau Hits Online Bookstores 587
An Unwillingness to Refer New Employees May be a Symptom of Business Cancer 567
APC Valves Now Offers UL and FM Approved Industry-Grade Butterfly Valves 546
Brand Therapist Revives Hopes and Dreams in New Co-Authored Book 566
Insider Businessman’s Guide to Happiness: Xanadu Code, Reclaiming your Path to Passion, Purpose, Power and Peace by Zsolt Bicskey Released 536
Books Are Unique, Unlike Any Other Media! New Bestseller Reveals Tips For Writers To Share Their Messages With The World! 673
Australia's Selector magazine is now available on Magzter 616
New Release Shows How to Live a Life of Meaning and Purpose 588
Stop Chasing Ambulances! New Bestseller Reveals Strategies to Grow Law Firm Without Going Crazy! 655
Broaden and Change Your Point of View about Memorial Day with the Newly Released Book from AHAthat 642
Kevin “Kevo” Aregbe Is Releasing Three Novels On Diverse Themes 655
Renowned Coach, Author, Speaker, and Owner of Results Studio Releases Ebooks: Welcome Home and the Complaint 622
Pastor-Turned-Chaplain Finds “Holy Hilarity” in the Miracles of Jesus 640
One Man Seeks to Help Others Through His Story of Freedom from Crack Cocaine Addiction 589
OTTO Motors Drives Manufacturing Summit Profiled by DC Velocity 621
Author Nicholas A. Price Debuts Hilarious New Novel, “Adventures in Trichology” 596
Audra D. Luke, Founder Of Greengelo, Voices Support For Teens In Her Recently Published Books 627 Announces The Much Anticipated Release of its New Innovative Oak Harbor Realtor Website 612
Published Novel ‘To Hell and Back’ Makes its Way for On-Screen Adaptation 587
The Sacred Seven, A Christian Book for Women by NJ Author Kris Reece Reaches Bestseller Status 590
Award-winning children’s author S.D. Moore releases her newest adventure, starring PJ and Split Pea, a boy and his wisecracking parrot! 688
Kids Yoga Class Ideas eBook Offers 30 Pages of Ideas for Teachers, Parents, and More 623
Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Fund Young Adult Fantasy Novel, ‘Blood Moon Eclipse’ 609
Discover How Amazing Entrepreneurs Succeed in Tough Times with Jeffrey S. Davis and Mark Cohen’s “The 24-Hour Turnaround (2nd Edition)” 641
In case there’s a hitch when you get hitched 624